«Sustainable Cities/Territories and Participatory Democracy »

The various frameworks for public action, the resolutions and manifestos adopted by cities place participatory democracy at the heart of all strategies that bring about lasting positive change for cities, human settlements and their inhabitants. For their part, more and more citizens wish to be more involved in decision-making relating to the definition of their local or national development agendas. They are keen to be heard, informed and to participate in shaping their living environment. From this point of view, expectations can be summed up in the following points:
  • Citizens, a civil society who participate, engage and have the « power to act » from the initial diagnosis to the final evaluation.
  • Local governments which are no longer the only decision-makers and which must promote participation, organize it, support it, support it and take into account its contributions to build a sustainable and resilient city.
  • National, international and private sector actors who also fall within the scope of participation at the local level (international and national benchmarks, legislation, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, etc.)


Mayor's Note